m4d has been removed from sale
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

“Wait... two Iray® for Cinema 4D versions? What is this all about?"
By using Iray® for Cinema 4D directly we can offer way more features than those who would be possible with the current mental ray® / Iray® for Cinema 4D - combo core.

m4d Iray® for Cinema 4D and NVIDIA® Iray® for Cinema 4D may look the same but they aren't. Check out the NVIDIA® Iray® for Cinema 4D webpage, if you want to learn more about the features of the new render core.
“What's at²'s part in the new Iray® for Cinema 4D software?”
We're proud to be NVIDIA®'s development partner for implementing Iray® for Cinema 4D in MAXON Cinema 4D. Supported by NVIDIA®, we were working hard on creating this great new piece of render software.

To prevent both Iray® for Cinema 4D versions competing on the same market, we will discontinue sales for m4d.
“My mind is still stuffed with questions. How do I put it at ease?”
We're always interested in hearing about your thoughts and providing you additional information.

Simply send us a mail to m4d and we'll reply as soon as possible.
Discontinued? But I recently purchased m4d? What now?"
Don't worry. First of all, we currently only discontinue selling m4d on our webpage. We have promised to guarantee you at least one year of free upgrades. And we'll intend to keep that promise.

So you can be sure that m4d will receive upgrades and bugfixes for at least 12 more months. Your purchased m4d keyfile will be valid forever, so you'll be able to use m4d in your existing setup as long as you want.
“So you simply drop development of your old software (and thus your m4d customers) in favor of something fancier?”
Au contraire! Having you in mind, we worked out a great deal with NVIDIA®. You'll be able to "upgrade" your version to the new NVIDIA® Iray® for Cinema 4D, as soon as it's released - FOR FREE!

In addition to your m4d license, which will always be valid, NVIDIA will gift you a one year license for NVIDIA Iray for Cinema 4D - FOR FREE!
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